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The Definitive Guide to the Rule of Thirds in Photography

Posted on July 27, 2018 at 04:44 PM

The areas of design, art and photography have many rules in common. Perhaps by the characteristic found in all: the perception of aesthetics and our reaction to it.

I'm going to talk about a well-known rule today, but it never hurts because it's very important: it's used since the time when photographs did not exist (because there was a time like this) and who portrayed on canvas the reality was the people who painted or sculpted

Rules are meant to be followed. And broken

Rules are not always ideas that someone simply invented because there was nothing else to do: they exist so that who is seeing the photo can understand what we want to go through with that image. What I mean? What message do I want to convey?

Once we learn the rules we can choose to break them, but it is important to do this consciously. You must have good reason to break rules.

Rule of thirds: a summary

It does not take much explaining to understand this rule: take your picture and mentally draw a "game of the old" on it. The important points of your photo should be in one of the 4 convergences of these newly drawn lines. If there are rows in the image, give preference to positioning them along the lines of the old woman's game. Below, in the red dots, you see where to frame the preferred items of the photo:

Rule of thirds

Using convergences

The secret is that each photo has its own characteristics and it is not always easy to define what goes on the balls . The important thing is that before taking the photo you define what should be in evidence, and make the composition according to this item.

Let's look at some examples?

In this first photo the boat is the highlight point. That is why he finds himself in the lower left convergence: the rest of the scene only complements and gives context.

In portraits the basic use of the rule is always to keep the eyes on the upper third.

In the photo below there are two points of interest but they balance. The waterfall has its beginning in the upper left corner and the bridge occupies most of the lower right corner.


Sometimes, like in a landscape photo, you will focus on the very lines of the third - instead of the polka dots. It's simpler than you think: do not center the horizon. Do not center the tree. Do not center the monument. Do not center the lines.

If the sky is more interesting, leave it in evidence leaving the horizon below the bottom line, as in the photo above.

If the sky has nothing too much and you want to highlight what is below it, place the horizon line positioned in the upper third.

Break this and other rules from time to time

I am emphasizing the rule of thirds that has as a motto the "non-centralization" of the points of interest in the image, but there are other rules, and we have to follow our heart in creating the most harmonious composition possible. In the previous photo the boat is exactly in the center of the frame, and that's fine.

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5 Marketing Tips for a Successful Blog

Posted on July 27, 2018 at 04:43 PM

The creation and nutrition of a blog brings many challenges for those who want to positively impact the audience. It is necessary to prepare good planning that considers the expectations of your audience and also make strategies regarding content and periodicity.

It is very easy to make mistakes that compromise the performance of your blog, such as leaving you deserted without posts or ignoring the comments of your visitors. To get the best results, you need to get away from these problems and hit other issues.

In today's post, we separate 5 marketing tips for you to have a successful blog! Follow us!

1. Plan your content

It is very difficult to be successful without good planning . So the first item on the list of marketing tips is to do a thorough study of what you consider your target audience: the people you write for. It is worth visiting other blogs to get inspired on topics and approaches. At this stage, you should also predict how regular your publications will be. At least one post per day is recommended so that your blog always looks busy.

2. Create editorials

Thinking about individual guidelines for your posts can be quite a difficult task. Instead, decide by creating publishers within your planning stage. They are the types of publication that will be on your blog, such as health, education, tutorial, interview, among others. The choices will depend on the theme and the target audience. Once you have defined them, it is much easier to plan your posts thinking about each one of them.

3. Try multiple times

There is no consensus on the best time to post a blog post because there are very different slices of visitors. Depending on your audience, it may be that posts made in the morning bring more result than at night. The reverse is also true. Think about the habits of your target audience and at what times they could read your posts.

4. Distribute your posts on social networks

After posting a post, what is the best way to ensure it reaches as many people as possible? One of the most valuable tips of digital marketing in this question is to bet on the strength of social networks . Create a Facebook page for your blog and use it to replicate links to your posts. Consider also creating a profile on Twitter, since many people prefer this network. Be careful not to leave any of the abandoned channels, since they have great potential to bring audiences to you.

5. Submit newsletters

Direct access to your website is not the only way to get audience in the world of blogging. Sending emails with your posts is a great way to get the attention of your audience. Therefore, it is important to have a space to perform this registration. In addition to submitting your posts as they go live, you can also use this contact list to impact these people with other types of communication, such as content designed exclusively for email.

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How to Align Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Your Sales Team

Posted on July 27, 2018 at 04:42 PM

Some time ago, when a consumer needed to purchase a product or service, he would go to the company, either in person or through the available service channels, and request complete information about this product or service. However, the relations between company and consumer are no longer the same. Today, when a potential customer comes to you, you already carry with you all the information you need, plus the decision as to what you want or not to buy.

Such behavioral changes are motivated by the increasing use of digital marketing strategies , characterized by the use of digital channels as tools for prospecting and conversion to new business. It is worth remembering that the production of rich and educational content for corporate blogs has a strong weight in this conversion process.

It is not enough just to elaborate your digital marketing strategy and wait for the positive results. In order for you to reap the best fruits, it is imperative that marketing strategies are fully aligned with the strategies developed by sales teams.

Below you will find the main challenges faced by marketing teams as a result of sales optimization. In addition, we will highlight the main points to be considered in the marketing-sales relationship, as well as the best strategies that should be used to leverage your transactions.

If today the customer searches a lot before buying, is faced with various marketing actions on the web and from there choose the companies that best solve their issues, it is imperative that the marketing and sales sectors work together. It may seem logical, but many companies still coexist with isolated and totally misaligned strategies.

Imagine a scene in which marketing department creates a promotion, the customer likes and goes to buy the product. In the act of selling, the seller does not know the promotion and corrects the customer in an erroneous way, claiming that there is no such promotion. What are the chances that the company will lose this customer? All.

Even with all the great responsibilities present in small, medium and large companies, it is essential that there is a connection between the departments responsible for direct contact with the customer. Marketing and Sales should work together. The result? Optimization in the sales process, realization of forecasts, customer loyalty and extensive monitoring during the closing of contracts.

Before you know how to connect your marketing strategy to your sales strategy, we list below the most committed mistakes by companies in this process of alignment and fitness.

·        Do not list goals clearly;

·        Do not do market research;

·        Forget to define people;

·        Not having a plan and plan of action;

·        Value low-quality leads, that is, they do not buy;

·        Ignore metrics and result analysis.

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Web Design for Beginners

Posted on July 27, 2018 at 04:42 PM

Multidisciplinary and full of challenges, the area of web design is one of the most requested today. There are many people interested in pursuing a career in this field, which opens up space for various fields, after all, internet-oriented applications are paramount in many areas.

Who is beginner and needs to unveil what is web design and its tools can start if empowering with an online web design course . There are many options that offer excellent content to begin your studies in this role, such as the renowned online courses of Focus Training .

Realized by hundreds of students, the Online Course Web Design for beginners reveals web design tips and relevant information for those who want to become professional. In addition, the portal offers various distance learning courses complementary of the most used programs in this area, such as HTML, CSS and Java, prevalent in many courses of web design .

Does this branch catch your eye? Learn more about what is web design , its applications and new technologies. Surely you will be excited to learn from a good online course relative. Write down the tips and expand your knowledge.

What is web design?

The area of ​​web design is a branch of graphic design , which includes other lines such as product design, fashion design and the production of visual parts in general. Creating, developing and maintaining the entire structure of a website and the various web applications are the main functions of a professional specialized in this trade, with the basic objective of assembling a responsive and integrated interface, uniting and balancing resources to make the user experience more dynamic and efficient.

With so many systems, tools and series of graphic software, creating a page is far from a simple task. In addition to knowledge in the handling of all these applications, it is essential to know the programming language, analyze the style / agenda of the site, the needs of the client and alternatives of navigation for Internet users.

Therefore, it is not enough just to be a star in the use of internet and computer programs, it is good to have a sense of usability, accessibility, page layout, web browsing strategies, banner knowledge and optimization techniques of the most varied sites. Because it is such a comprehensive area and it opens the way for multiple functions, it is fundamental for the web designer to seek constant improvement - with an online web design course and other online courses that add knowledge to the training.

The field of work is vast and many professionals act as freelancers, both in the development and maintenance of websites, blogs, virtual stores and platforms of companies, organizations and people. Start a career in function takes a lot of willpower, dedication and discipline, as well as training with numerous courses of web design to meet the main applications, of which we highlight:

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5 Tips to Sell Your Web Designer Services

Posted on July 27, 2018 at 04:41 PM

Buying services online is something totally different than selling products. Although both are marketed directly over the internet, there are different processes, marketing techniques and principles of the web design that you should follow to the letter. You can not sell the services in the same way that a virtual store sells your products, in addition to understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the service industry. Read all this article and know 5 useful tips to sell your web designer services.

Introduce yourself

When selling products, your entire focus should be on the product itself. When you work with service delivery, your focus should be on the individual or the team that provides the service. Remember that people are an important part of your business. On your site, be sure to show your entire team to the customers by talking a little bit about each of the members and why they are excellent candidates to deliver the promised services. Include high-quality photos of your team or your workplace.

Your people are the face of your services, that is, make them important. Make it clear to the client who they are the people they can confidently trust. Include your company's mission on your site, making your goals clear and consistent for customers. The more personal your brand is, the more reliable it will appear to the purchasing power of your service. Explain the reasons that led you to start your business, making clear all the reasons why customers should trust your services.

Make statements clearly visible

When you sell a product over the internet, it is easier to compare your item with others on the market. On the other hand, comparing online services is not so simple anymore. Your customers need to make sure that your company will perform the services as promised and consistently. It is practically a must that you provide impeccable and high quality services to all customers to receive positive reviews. Negative testimonials spread with a very fast speed and could sink your business.

If you receive positive praise or testimonials from your customers, post them on some visible page on your site. On a website that offers services, customer reviews should always be on the homepage for others to see and be aware of the quality of their service. Remember that trust is what should guide your business, which can lead to more sales of services. If the client feels secure in hiring his services, his chances of hitting the hammer with his company are enormous.

Create and maintain a blog

One more way to sell your web designer services. Having and maintaining a regularly updated blog is a great way to sell services online. A blog shows that your company is modern and constantly has new information that adds value in the life of the customer. It is worth mentioning that its contents talk a lot about your services and your company and a blog is an effective tool to sell services online before the crowded market.

Of course keeping a blog is not easy and requires a significant time investment. Automating your daily posts can ensure that you keep your blog updated constantly for your subscribers. This can save you a lot of time, energy and stress. Just create the content ahead of time and set up for automatic posting on your blog or social networks. Faithful readers will admire your regular updates and they can translate into more sales for your business. Enjoy and further enhance your expertise in  SEO Tips for WordPress

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