Food Photography: 10 Tips for Taking the Best Photos

Since the emergence of social networks, photographing food has become a habit for many people. But what not everyone knows is that there are several factors that can make food photography much more interesting.

Good restaurants always feature structured and attractive menus . And the photos are an essential part of this, because they sell much more than just texts. In digital versions, then, the possibilities  are even greater!

With that in mind, we've separated some tips for you to better photograph your restaurant dishes. Check out!

1. Value the lighting

For any type of image, a good light makes all the difference. And for food photography, lighting has the power to change the way people view the dish. A simple but lateralized angle change can bring texture.

2. Use fresh foods

In food photography, the goal is to make the viewer get mouth water. And the best way to do this is to always use the freshest ingredients. Foods with wrinkled surfaces and different colors of the original can cause your customer to lose appetite.


3. Appeal for simplicity

When photographing products or foods, you should be careful to keep the scene with the least visual pollution. Remove unnecessary elements from the field of vision and do not provide context to the dish.

4. Be careful with cleaning the cutlery

It sounds silly, but a lot of people sin in that respect. Food photography is based on the details and for this you also need to think about the imperfections that can spoil your photo. Always clean the cutlery and other utensils before shooting your dishes!

5. Show the process

Another very interesting point is to show not only the ready dish, but also the preparation process. In addition to contextualizing the atmosphere of the restaurant, this kind of photography values ​​the chef's work.

6. Bet on some tricks

There are several tricks available on the internet about food photography. A very interesting one is to use a little vegetable oil to brush the food. This will make the ingredients look very attractive.

7. Use macro lens

Macro lenses allow you to get closer to the subject of your photos. And sometimes, just showing one detail of the dish is enough to make it very attractive.

8. Make smoke

Hot dishes need to show this in the photos. So, put smoke in your images!

The problem is that not always the natural steam of the heated dish is enough to appear in the photos. Try to burn some cotton or toilet paper behind it. The effect is amazing!

9. Do not cook the dishes completely

In the normal process of preparation, the ready dish can present wrinkled meats and vegetables. Therefore, when shooting, remove these ingredients from the fire just before the ideal point. This will make them appear much more succulent than normal.

10. Choose the right angle

In food photography, the angle of the photo is very important. Depending on what you want to show - like details - a low point may be ideal. Already the photos made completely from above are great for contextualizing the dish with its environment, mainly preparation.

By following these tips, your food photography will reach another level. Try it!

Posted on July 26, 2018 at 01:47 PM