How to Align Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Your Sales Team

Some time ago, when a consumer needed to purchase a product or service, he would go to the company, either in person or through the available service channels, and request complete information about this product or service. However, the relations between company and consumer are no longer the same. Today, when a potential customer comes to you, you already carry with you all the information you need, plus the decision as to what you want or not to buy.

Such behavioral changes are motivated by the increasing use of digital marketing strategies , characterized by the use of digital channels as tools for prospecting and conversion to new business. It is worth remembering that the production of rich and educational content for corporate blogs has a strong weight in this conversion process.

It is not enough just to elaborate your digital marketing strategy and wait for the positive results. In order for you to reap the best fruits, it is imperative that marketing strategies are fully aligned with the strategies developed by sales teams.

Below you will find the main challenges faced by marketing teams as a result of sales optimization. In addition, we will highlight the main points to be considered in the marketing-sales relationship, as well as the best strategies that should be used to leverage your transactions.

If today the customer searches a lot before buying, is faced with various marketing actions on the web and from there choose the companies that best solve their issues, it is imperative that the marketing and sales sectors work together. It may seem logical, but many companies still coexist with isolated and totally misaligned strategies.

Imagine a scene in which marketing department creates a promotion, the customer likes and goes to buy the product. In the act of selling, the seller does not know the promotion and corrects the customer in an erroneous way, claiming that there is no such promotion. What are the chances that the company will lose this customer? All.

Even with all the great responsibilities present in small, medium and large companies, it is essential that there is a connection between the departments responsible for direct contact with the customer. Marketing and Sales should work together. The result? Optimization in the sales process, realization of forecasts, customer loyalty and extensive monitoring during the closing of contracts.

Before you know how to connect your marketing strategy to your sales strategy, we list below the most committed mistakes by companies in this process of alignment and fitness.

·        Do not list goals clearly;

·        Do not do market research;

·        Forget to define people;

·        Not having a plan and plan of action;

·        Value low-quality leads, that is, they do not buy;

·        Ignore metrics and result analysis.

Posted on July 27, 2018 at 04:42 PM