How to Photograph a Wedding.10 Wedding Photography Tips from Professionals

1. Use a wide aperture

Using a wide aperture, as far as your lens allows it (for good depth of field) can create a very attractive effect for a wedding photography singapore, keeping the object in focus and making the background blurry. But you need to be sure that all the necessary details are in focus.

2. Try slow flash sync

When using a flash, try using a minimum shutter speed as much as possible - 1/15 to 1/25 second, to make a more spectacular environment. Try shooting a moving object with the wiring and freeze it at the right moment with a flash.

3. Bride's Pose

For the flattering image of the bride, make sure that her hand is not much bent while holding the bouquet. If possible, ask her to bend the body, just like models do. Look in women's magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan to see how the models pose. Or see ideas and poses for wedding photography singapore.

4. Find the lines

Try to come up with the most powerful architectural lines, such as columns of buildings; this will make the background of your wedding photos much more attractive. Remember, you first need to deal with the background, and then "create" the foreground. I recommend scouting these places for a photo in advance, in order to see which architectural elements will look better in photos.

5. Use creative lighting

If there is an interesting, creative lighting near the church or registry office, you just need to use it to add a little drama to your wedding photos. Keep in mind that such lighting can appear and disappear during the day, so you have to act quickly to make a good wedding photo.

6. Natural frames

When taking pictures of the bride and groom in their wedding car, try adding a creative element in the form of a frame from the car window.

7. Camera tilt Camera

Tilt can add a sense of movement to the image. You do not have to always keep your camera in landscape or portrait mode. When you know how to photograph a wedding, you will definitely be bold and use diagonal lines in the image to create this effect. As with all councils, it is better to get 1-2 such images in the end result.

8. Find a shadow

If you are photographing a wedding day, with a very strong sun, try moving a couple or group into the shadow for a better exposure. Or you will have to use flash fill light to balance the scene. You can find this mode in the flash settings.

9. Add some blur

Try experimenting with photos of the first dance, using very slow shutter speeds to give the image a sense of movement. Use a combination of flash and slow shutter speeds to freeze the movement of a couple and at the same time capture the atmosphere of movement.

10. Use the flash bracket

Attach an external flash to the bracket; this will lift it a few more centimeters above the lens, eliminating shadows. Make the best shots with the help of a hinge mechanism that allows you to move with flash for portrait and landscape formats.

Posted on October 17, 2018 at 03:01 PM