How To Choose A Photographer And Videographer For A Wedding

Often, the couple tries to save on this point, since the result of the work of the singapore wedding videographer is not seen on the wedding day itself, but only after several months, when the couple takes the processed photos and the mounted video. Saving on these contractors is a big mistake. Why? If you are not sure about 500% of them, it may be money thrown to the wind. Even if you liked everything on your wedding day, when you get bad photos, disappointment comes, and you will not return anything back. Therefore, pay more attention to the choice of those responsible for the memory of your day.

Do not save on your own memories for a lifetime!

And psychologists say that viewing photos and videos from the day of the wedding, where the faces of young people shine with happiness, wake up a pair of old feelings after long years of living together :-) I believe them!

7 points to help select contractors

Search for a photographer and videographer as soon as you determine the date of the wedding, budget and site. Experienced professionals usually have a schedule of 2–3 months in advance, and the season, that is, summer, begins to be booked already in January.

Start choosing a photographer for photo online, and also collect reviews from friends.

Pay attention not to five photos on the site, but ask to show a couple of weddings from start to finish. Compare the number of really good photos and those that you would not add to your wedding album.

It is important that you feel comfortable communicating with the photographer and video operator, because you have to spend 10-12 hours with them on the most exciting day.

Do not invite in any case to photograph or shoot a video of your non-professional friends. Believe me; it will not lead to anything good. Especially if they work for free and drink, congratulating you.

The cost of the services of a singapore wedding videographer depends on: the number of cameras, the number of hours, demand, and the desired result. Choose these contractors according to your budget, not popularity in the market. It is inappropriate to take 400 thousand to a restaurant, and hire a photographer for 250 thousand.

If you still want to save on this point of preparation for the wedding, then it is better to hire only a good photographer, and do not hire a video operator. If you think that it is better to hire both that and that, just for less money, then there is a high probability that you will regret about it, and you will not be able to correct the situation.

In preparation for my wedding, I made all the mistakes on points, starting with the choice of the photographer, ending with the organization of his work. In the end, I can choose 5-7 photos from a maximum of the set that I have. By the way! We did not have a videographer, which I regretted very much after some time.

How to get the maximum

Sign a contract in which the number of working hours, the cost of processing, the presence of assistants and additional equipment and the amount of payment for them, the number of photos and the duration of the video you receive as a result will be written.

Take care of transportation or route sheets and a quick snack for photographers and videographers on your wedding day. And if they work from morning until the end of the banquet, they need to be fed hot. They will be very grateful to you :-)

Plan your day with a photographer and videographer. From their own experience, they will give advice on the organization of that part of the day, which is devoted to shooting only the newlyweds. Discuss with them the form of clothing, options for locations and images, so that it does not come as a surprise on a day when everything should be perfect.

Give the phone to your parents in the morning and enjoy each other. Kiss, be silent, smile dreamily, and remember every moment. You will never repeat this day, and photographers and videographers, no matter how cool and expensive they are, will not be able to cut out phones from all photos or draw a smile and love.

And finally, coordinate all contractors among themselves. It is especially important for a photographer and a videographer to work together not only with each other, but also with the other participants in the process. So the process will be easier, and the result is better.

Posted on November 12, 2018 at 01:42 PM