9 Reasons for not Using Joomla to produce a Web

We have all been tempted to use Joomla says, who says any fashion-free software to come up with a net, either for financial motives as well customer to conserve time and prices as a Codeigniter Part Time Programmer. The matter seems great, low software, operate the very first time and install it. We already possess the internet list. After a year, things appear otherwise when the internet isn't functioning as it should, the client is furious and we're at a dead end. How did we come to this scenario - some will believe. !

1. The plan is fine, but straightforward. Thus, you need to change the plan to accommodate the customer. Now the construction changes or describes to the customer that's complicated and needs to be limited to altering funds and the symbol.

5. Availability. Sooner or later someone would utter the magic word. So we picked from the start the accessible variant of the program. We don't pass and had a test. And that? Ah, naturally, to make the reversal of construction use Ajax, Javascript, and some flash viewer. !

7. Hard to handle. We went online internet and we niggles. We give you accessibility to the client calls us saying where to click to change picture and to deal with the website. Constantly bundled ... First you enter here, then there, then there we click once or twice, turn right, you give palms, you do a somersault and ... voila! In 18 measures a picture has altered. It wasn't too hard...

8. Urgent call: the website has been driven by someone!! As the code is issued a smart man and has driven the applications is used to send junk or virus that is lesser. The internet is hung a couple of days. How can we mend it? We can download a version that only came out solving some patches but lose the changes?in construction, the plan and functionality.!

9. Call the customer that is furious when asking for the internet that is entire will be. The PHP Part Time Developer in Delhi has used up 3 times more than budgeted and what's absolutely must throw it to start again. Everything has been money plus a waste of time for the two celebrations.!

Posted on November 14, 2015 at 10:40 PM